The Hearing and Balance Center

Hearing Aids


Nearly 30 million Americans have hearing loss and could benefit from hearing aids. Let us help you today. 

We know how important it is to hear your loved ones. Whether you like going out to dinner, listening to music, or watching TV, let our hearing aid professionals find the right device to fit your lifestyle. 

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Hearing Evaluations


Do you miss parts of conversations? Does your child seem to not hear? 

Schedule a hearing test with our professionals today. We have the experience to diagnose your problem and the expertise to treat it. 

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Dizzy and Balance Center


Are you having trouble with your balance? Do you occasionally feel dizzy? 

Falls are a serious concern and are the leading cause of injury to the elderly. Let our team evaluate your balance and teach you methods to prevent falls and serious injury. 

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Our Hearing Specialists


Let Roraine help you hear your loves ones...

Roraine Bunag AuD is one of our audiologists and hearing aid specialists. She loves helping her patients find the hearing rehabilitation tools that best suit their life. Roraine has vast experience picking the right hearing aid for your life and will work with your throughout the life of the device. 

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Before Balance Testing

Please download the packet below and print it, fill it out, and bring it to your balance testing appointment. We hate filling out forms just as much as everyone else, but since balance testing is very detailed these questions will allow us to take the best possible care of you! Thank you